Why Art?

Why do I paint?

Growing up I loved how much freedom art gave me in comparison to when I had to find an answer to an equation or figure out how to problem-solve. Curving my fingers gripping the paintbrush and releasing all my energy into art really helped me relax. As children, we don’t know what stress is or even understand when we are stressed, I didn’t know either. Each time I would feel a bit overwhelmed or when my head started to heat up I started to doodle on the sides of my page.

Almost everything owned either had a drawing, a doodle, some paint or marker stains. If paper was nowhere to be found my hands and arms would be where I would draw on. In situations where I was not given art supplies or if I had none, I crushed chalk into powder and blended it with Vaseline to make my own type of colourful medium which I would smear on the wall. This got me into trouble a few times as a kid and my mother was always making me clean up my masterpieces. I  would only remember colours, images and shapes that connected me to memories of the people I was with, events and things that were significant. It was a part of my daily life, finding art in everything that surrounds me.

So, if I’m asked why art? I ask, why do I breathe?

“You can’t use up creativity,

the more you use the more you have”

-Maya Angelou


I hope to use this blog as an outlet to share all my creative ideas and crafts that I have been teaching to my students over the past decade. Transitioning from artist to teacher and then to mother has allowed me to understand different ways to engage with children through art. This journey of teaching is on going as I explore and share different ways to express with art. I hope you enjoy this Art blog as much I enjoy creating them!

Cheers to creating a new colourful surrounding!

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