Hi there!

I’m Keera, welcome to Waves of Colour. I am an artist based in Toronto, Ontario hoping to spark conversation with art. I began Waves of Colour in 2012 as a platform to teach children how to draw and paint, but also as an outlet to share art that displayed cultural values. In 2014 I decided to open a studio space to privately run classes, exhibits and workshops for adults.

Throughout the years I have auctioned many paintings for charities, held numerous seminars at multiple schools across the city and taught over 100+ children privately. Motherhood has blessed me with responsibilities which altered my choices to relocate my studio space to home. I continued to teach children art from home until  2019. Transforming from artist to teacher and then to mother I realized storytelling using art as a tool was something I enjoyed. I created this virtual art studio in hopes to connect to everyone who loves art, history, culture and storytelling. Please follow my blog as I share tips, DIY projects, activities and a little bit about my daily life as an artist, mother and teacher. My shop has a variety of different products that are for sale, so check it out and drop me a review !